Who are we


Our History

It all started with a few coins…

Around 2017 our founder started with buying a few smaller coins, not even a full bitcoin.
He quickly realized the crypto market was extremely volatile and that he could profit from these fluctuations.

After only a few months, he couldn’t sleep anymore, as most action in the market happened while he was sleeping. He stayed up till 2:00 in the night, just not to miss any opportunities in the market.
He realized this had to stop, so he started writing software in 2018 that could automate the trading.

More and more people started being interested in using this software as well,
so just for friends and friends of friends, he started adding bots for these users.
They however could not easily see their results, so he started creating a dashboard in 2020 and more and more functionality was being added. Only a few months later, a full bot software system was readily available.

About the founder

Our founder studied economics.
All the rules taught during these classes, have been applied to the bot software.

About the company

The company was founded in 2014 already.
It’s been reliably offering services since that date and has many happy clients.