You win = we win

We charge 10% on your profit. The more money you make, the more we do.
This is the best way to get you as much profit as possible, it forces us to do our best for you.

We do also charge the server costs on which your bot runs, but we do not make profit on this, it’s just the cost of the server.

Your money is safe

You keep your money in your own crypto exchange.
As such you do not give us your investment money and your risk is limited.

Pricing table
Mula RegularMula Pro
Max amount of supported coins1250
Max open positions75200
Trades every x minutes105
Fee per successful trade10%10%
Monthly Fuel cost server€ 19,95€ 49,95
Run your bot for free

No pyramid scheme here. You receive a flat 10% free fuel when your referrals make a profitable trade.
If you have sufficient referrals, you could run your bot free of charge after a while.